Cat Boarding at Gray Oak

Treat Your Kitty to a “Sleep-over!”

Indulge Your Feline Friend in a Purr-fect “Sleep-over” at Gray Oak.

Kitty Condos Price: $20 per day

Each Kitty Condo includes:

  • Room service twice each day, with premium dry cat food
  • A cozy snuggle basket
  • 3 litter box cleans per day
  • A yummy bedtime Kitty snack

Preening Time

Five minutes a day of extra attention to your cat’s coat – $3.00

Kitty Fun Session

A fun, ten minute exercise session for your cat chasing laser light, crunchy toy or ball – $5.00

Snuggle love

If your pet requires extra attention, schedule a ten minute session for your kitty to be held, petted, and loved – $5.00

Pamper your cat in a stay that’s more than boarding with our passionate and qualified team.

*Kitty vaccinations requirements: Rabies, Distemper, Feine Leukemia.

Book their retreat at Gray Oak Boarding today!