Doggie Day Camp at Gray Oak

Where Every Tail Wags with Delight!

Why bring your dog to Doggie Day Camp?

Play, Relax and Bond: Don't Leave Your Pup Alone!

Is your furry friend spending the day alone, yearning for attention and activity? Gray Oak’s Doggie Day Camp is the solution to your dog’s boredom, loneliness, and need for exercise. Discover why your canine companion will thrive in our vibrant day camp environment.

Social Bliss: Playmates, Toys, and Companionship

At Doggie Day Camp, your dog will enjoy the company of playmates, ensuring social interaction and companionship. With constant supervision to guarantee safety, dogs can freely engage with each other indoors and outdoors. Our camp provides an array of toys, games, and comfy beds for those in need of a little rest.

Boost Confidence and Banish Boredom

The activities are designed to encourage even the laziest couch potatoes to exercise, providing a fun-filled environment that fosters confidence. High-energy dogs will be entertained, preventing destructive behavior caused by boredom.

Our Schedule

  • Day camp is available Monday through Friday.
  • Drop off your furry friend between 7:30 and 10:00 am.
  • Pick up between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.

Affordable Fun

Doggie Day Camp Price List

Day Camp PriceS

  • Daily $15
  • Additional dog $10
  • 10 day package $140
  • 20 day package $280
  • Boarders adding day camp $36
  • (Boarding $25/Daycare $13)
  • *Packages never expire, use it whenever you want.

Camp Requirements

Safety First!

Before joining the fun, ensure your dog meets our safety requirements:
  • Current vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), and DHLPP
  • Leashed upon entry
  • Non-aggressive and non-food/toy protective (Owner’s will certify that their dogs have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dogs.)
Dogs not picked up by closing time will be boarded overnight, with applicable boarding fees.

Dogs in boarding can join in on the fun too!

Even boarding dogs can join the excitement! Schedule your pup for day camp during the day, and they’ll return to the boarding kennel in the evening for dinner and bedtime.

Join us for a Tail-Wagging Good Time at Gray Oak Doggie Day Camp!