Dog Training Programs

Obedience and Retriever Gun Dog

Obedience Training

Unlocking Good Citizenship: Tailored Training for Medium and Large Breeds

At Gray Oak, we specialize in molding medium and large breed dogs into well-behaved companions through our dedicated Obedience Training program. Focused on instilling fundamental commands essential for good citizenship—Here, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, No, and Pillow—we ensure a harmonious bond between you and your furry friend.

Key Features of the Gray Oak Obedience Training Program

This is a comprehensive 4-Week Program where your dog stays with us for a full month, receiving personalized attention and care, including 2 daily training sessions with our expert trainers.

The owner is as big a part of the training as the dog and we want them to have the proper tools to make corrections with their dog when necessary. After two and a half or three weeks of training, owners are invited to join us for interactive sessions and to show them what the dog has learned thus far. When possible we like to get 2 lessons with owners to ensure a smooth transition home.

Dogs are trained to excel both on and off leash, providing versatility in various situations.

The basic obedience program includes:

  • Premium dog food diet provided twice a day.
  • Twice-a-day training sessions for consistent learning and reinforcement.
  • Interactive Lessons with Owners to strengthen your bond.
  • Playtime and Exercise for a healthy and happy training experience.


  • All dogs must be a minimum of 6 months old.
  • Current on all vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordatella ( kennel cough).
Elevate Your Dog’s Behavior and Strengthen Your Bond – Enroll in Gray Oak’s Obedience Training Today!

The fee for this program is $1,200 per 4 weeks.

Retriever Gun Dog Training

At Gray Oak we specialize in basic gun dog and AKC hunt test retrievers.
Our basic gun dog program is a 3 month program. We start with the needed obedience and move on to proper delivery, steadiness and control.

More advanced training is always available and would include multiple marks, running blinds, honoring, etc.

Key Highlights of the Retriever Gun Dog Training

We train gun dogs for the weekend Hunter as well as for those wanting to compete.

We are very involved with the AKC Hunt Test program and train for that as well.  We have titled numerous Junior, Senior, and Master Hunters.  

 We can handle your dog in Hunt Tests, or we can coach you to do so.

We utilize some of the best training grounds in the United States to ensure peak performance out of your dog.

We suggest that for the first month you leave the dog with us so the dog may become familiar with the trainer and the new routine. During the next months we recommend owners to come weekly or every other week so we may work with you and your dog together. This will help teach you how to properly handle your dog in the field. 

We encourage owner participation so that you and your dog become a great team. These training sessions should be scheduled a few days ahead of time.

The Gun Dog program includes:

  • Twice a day feeding of a premium dog food
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Birds

The fee for this program is $1,000 per month.