Hookup Applications to find a partner

Finding our better half in most cases can be one of the most difficult things in our daily lives. There are those who say that they do not need half a fruit to feel happy and loved, but they require a full orange to bring stability in every way. Others simply settle for a life without stress or sentimental problems; For this, they resort to casual encounters and in most cases sporadic, something simple to find on sites for hooking up like amigae.com and similar.

Whether to link or to find a stable partner, today we indicate these 4 tools that integrate into their design mechanisms and ideal platforms for people who want both a fixed relationship, as well as for those who do not complicate their lives in finding their love. That way, you could have your partner with just one click to start a conversation in a matter of minutes.


Probably one of the most used free applications to link today. Tinder is so easy and practical that there is not much to explain in relation to its mechanism. The only thing that should be done is to slide to the left the profile of the user that does not interest him and to the right those that managed to cause your impression. Afterward, if the person I was given to like also causes interest in talking and returns you like, the platform will automatically create a chat for the conversation between both people.

Through geolocation, this application offers the option to search for users that are a few kilometers away; whether they are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, et cetera. Among some of its novelties is the search of musical interests between both people, this thanks to Spotify. Also, it allows men and women to converse without showing all their information or profile, all this adjustable in the platform.


In second place we locate MeetMe. Also downloadable at no cost, this application also adopts the mechanism of geolocation to find people who enjoy and have the same interests and tastes in common. Every man or woman over 17 years old will be able to enjoy and meet people who are close to their location. You can connect with Facebook to import photographs and information of greater relevance and interest.


If you have crossed in the corner of the street with someone and you want to return a few seconds to talk to him, with Happn you can do it from the comfort of your mobile device. Perfect for those who cross glances in the middle of the street and feel a little feeling. Happn allows you to know the name and profile of the user that you have found in any sector of the city. Visualize the number of times they have crossed, the exact time and place.

The application will show the profile of the user who has given alike to your photos, if there is a mutual taste, Happn will establish a chat to start the conversation. You can connect with Facebook. Also available for free.


We finished the list with Badoo: the missing cherry on the cake. You could say that Badoo is the application to link the oldest of all time, the heavy weight of the apps to find a partner. The beginnings of Badoo started on computers through its website. Then, seeing a large number of users who benefited and found their ideal partner through the platform, was that its use was implemented on mobile devices. Its use is simple: it provides the information, tastes, routines and everything that is important in your life to get users with similar tastes.

The more information related to interests and personal tastes are set in the profile, the easier it will be to find a partner or friendship. Likewise, it shows the profiles of users that are in short distances from your location. More than 300 million users have used Badoo at no cost, a significant number that imparts relevance in its chair.

If for some reason or other you have found it difficult to find the ideal partner, or on the other hand, if for any reason the attempt to link without any commitment has gone unsuccessful, we are completely sure that any of these applications will end the bad times sentimental