Pet Bath Only  
Small: $15.00
Med/large: $20.00
Xtra large: $30.00
*An additional fee may apply for dogs with extremely long, furry, or matted coats*  
Nail trim: $15.00
Ear cleaning $6.00
Specialty upgrades:  
Whitening shampoo-Oatmeal for itchy skin-Flea and tick shampoo-Flea and tick dip-Add to your pet’s basic bath $5.00
De-matting- $20.00 for 30 minutes
Private Matters-(Clean and trim private areas) $10.00
Summer clips:  
Small: $45.00 and up*
Med: $50.00 and up*
Large: $60.00 and up*
(Bath and nail trim included with summer clips)  

*Extremely matted coats may take more time.  We strive to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during their process of their grooming.