Facebook Messenger Allows Money Transactions via Chat Threads

Facebook Messenger Allows Money Transactions via Chat Threads

Facebook has initially got into this feature of mobile payments in the Facebook Messenger 2 months ago. The Payments feature was initially implemented only in selected locations US. Now it has been rolled out gradually and finally debarked in around the areas of New York City fortified with a couple of unique features. Facebook has initiated this feature so as to enhance the ease of making payments. The feature that was previously introduced was very much useful for paying or receiving money instantly from your friends.

How does the Transaction take place?

All these transactions take place via Facebook Messenger during the conversations with your friends. If you wish to make payments during the conversation, then you need to type the amount in dollars. The dollar amount automatically converts into a hyperlink. Just click on that link and instantly you will be directed to pay that particular amount to the person with whom you are conversing.

Make Payments in Group Chat

Facebook Messenger payments not only work during the individual chat but also in a group conversation. When you are chatting with a group of people on the desktop version of the Facebook messenger, then can pay individual persons without the need of leaving the group chat.

The payment which you’ve made to one individual will be seen by other people who are in the group. Others can view all the details like who paid an amount to whom and even the dollar amount will be highlighted in the chat. That amount will be automatically converted into a hyperlink. Whenever you click on that link, you’ll be directed instantly to the payments screen.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Payments Feature

Facebook has introduced this feature in New York City and in some other places of NYC. It has initiated this new feature so as to help the people to make payments with great ease.

The following are the benefits of Facebook Messenger Payments feature:

Organizes split payments: Most of the transaction platforms allows making payments between two users. With this new feature, people can make payments for the desired person during the Group Conversation. All the people who are in the group chat can view the payments like who is paid by whom and how much amount is being paid.

Enhances Interaction among individuals: The transaction takes place in the Facebook messenger during a group chat or individual conversation. Hence, interaction among the people enhances and even the payments can be made in a much easier way.

Venmo is one among the Messenger payments in New York City. It is somewhat startling that it took much time to implement this feature. But Venmo is a kind of chaotic feature where you need to re-enter your debit information in a separate app. The user needs to come across obnoxious newsfeed of payment activities between friends. Unlike Venmo, Facebook Messenger payment function is much easier for making transactions along with group conversation. With this new Messenger feature, all the people in a group chat will be subjected to make happy hour payback transactions.